Whether treating yourself or treating a loved one, few things convey opulence, luxury, sheer class and quality in the same way as jewellery, especially that formed from or augmented with a precious metal such as silver, gold or platinum. We think you’ll find much to be enthralled by in our extensive selection here at Gifts & Jewellery Centre in Wigston.

Gold jewellery

A timeless metal that is deeply rooted in history and in our collective psyche as being a sign of wealth and success. We stock yellow, white and rose gold jewellery that will add glamour to any garment, any wearer.

View the Thomas Sabo range.

Silver jewellery

We boast an impressive selection of pendants, necklaces, watches, rings and more in authentic sterling silver. The lustre and fine reflective qualities of this precious metal lend it its undeniable appeal and aesthetic quality.

Platinum rings

Rarer yet than gold, platinum is a dense, hard metal that can be utilised at high levels of purity in the creation of jewellery.

You’ll be awestruck by our platinum collection, which includes engagement rings and wedding bands.

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