Express yourself the way you want to – or gift an item of jewellery to a friend to show how you feel about them, with Nomination’s customisable Composable range, available at Gifts & Jewellery Centre in Wigston. Create your own style from literally 100s of options, courtesy of this innovative Italian brand.

The Nomination brand

A determinedly forward-thinking and contemporary brand, Nomination brought jewellery into the modern age with the introduction of stainless steel, replete with intricate details in gold, silver and other precious metals.


Jewellery shouldn’t just be a status symbol – it should be an expression of who you are. The Composable collection, which includes bracelets and watches, is totally customisable. Simply add new Links to the bracelet or watch base to express how you feel!

Visit Gifts & Jewellery Centre in Wigston to peruse our Nomination jewellery range. You can also call ahead or make an enquiry via the contact form on this site.